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A Bible reference for daily living. In-depth examination and practical application for even difficult problems.   • Personal growth
• Discipleship
• Small group Bible study
• Topical study & sermon preparation
• Family devotions
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The Self-Confrontation manual is a 24-lesson reference, designed to direct you back to the Bible for daily living. Useful for personal growth and discipleship, Self-Confrontation will help you learn how the Bible is sufficient and applicable to produce lasting victory in every circumstance and relationship, no matter how difficult. Topics include:
▪ God’s plan and process for change
▪ A Biblical understanding of problems
▪ Having Biblical hope, peace, joy, and contentment
▪ Preoccupation with self
▪ envy, jealousy, covetousness, greed
▪ Anger and bitterness
▪ Inter-personal, marriage, and parent-child relationships
▪ Biblical communication
▪ Forgiveness and reconciliation
▪ Fear and worry
▪ Depression
▪ Life-dominating practices
▪ Continuing Christian growth
Self-Confrontation is an invaluable resource for both personal and group study. With its wealth of Scripture references, it is also useful as an ongoing reference for topical study and lesson/sermon preparation.

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As many of you know, BCF has always had a high standard for the printing of the Self-Confrontation manual. The most recent printing we received of the Self-Confrontation manual (English) and Student Workbook (English) is not up to our normal high standards.  Although the books are still useable, they have blemishes.  So we are providing an additional 10% discount to the price you would normally receive. This discount is already reflected in the price in the cart.

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