Buts of the Bible
  buts of the bible buy now The Buts of the Bible series is a small-group or personal study of both Old and New Testament characters. Each lesson will focus on one character (or group of characters). Rather than looking at their entire story, this study focuses on particular events or “crossroads” in their lives with a view toward practical application to our lives today.

The study is in workbook format with Scripture passages to read and questions to answer. These will lead you through the biblical characters’ circumstances and will challenge you to think about similar decisions or situations in your life.

If you are studying as a group, normally you will go through each lesson together, taking turns reading Scripture passages and answering questions. As an option, you can study the lessons individually before gathering, and focus on the highlights when you meet as a group.

The lessons are designed for a little over an hour each, but could take longer depending on how much discussion you have. Booklet 1 is now available to ship, and contains the following lessons:

  1. “But God, Being Rich in Mercy” — Where It All Starts
  2. “But from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” — Dealing with Temptation
  3. “But for Cain and His Offering” — A Lesson on False Spirituality
  4. “But Noah Found Favor” — Living Righteously, When It’s Not Popular
  5. “But through the Righteousness of Faith” — When Our Faith is Tested Like Abraham’s
  6. “Yet the Chief Cupbearer Did Not Remember Joseph” — A Lesson on Unfairness
  7. “But God Meant It for Good” — A Lesson on Forgiveness
  8. “But Moses Said to God, ‘Who Am I?’” — How God Gets Our Attention
  9. “Nevertheless, the People Who Live in the Land Are Strong” — A Lesson on Conquering Fear

A sample of Lesson 6 may be downloaded by clicking on the link below, so that you can see type of material included in the lessons. Booklet 1 contains approximately 80 pages of material overall.

A PDF of the Leader’s Guide is also available as a free download by clicking on the link below

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