January Update:
New BCF Headquarters

January 2012

Beloved Friends of BCF,

Thank the Lord. We are deeply thankful for the Lord’s provision of a building that very nicely meets the various functions of BCF. We were able to purchase a fairly new building with almost double the square footage of the one we were leasing. that allows us to in

For your information, the office phone number has changed to 760.347.4608 and our new address is still only 15 miles away at 42550 Aegean Street, Indio, CA 92203.

We are taking estimates on the costs of tailoring some of the rooms to teach courses multiple times each year.

How much we can do will depend on your donations. You may send a donation to the “Building Improvements” fund.

  Reminder on
Training Courses

The upcoming BCF Intensive Course will still be in Palm Springs, California, since it will take some time to prepare our building. We will be teaching Levels 1, 2, 3, and Teacher Training. Level 3 is very rarely offered, so for those of you who have not attended, please make your plans soon. The schedule is listed below. You may register online, or contact us at the BCF administrative office.
Intensive Course schedule
Palm Springs, California
20-22 January, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)
27-29 January, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1B (Self-Confrontation Lessons 13-24 )
23-27 January, 2012: Level 1 course
23-27 January, 2012: Level 3 course
30 January-3 February, 2012: Level 2 course
30 January-3 February, 2012: Teacher Training

Please Note: You may attend Level 2 or Teacher Training the second week if you attend Level 1 the first week, or have previously attended a BCF-conducted Level 1.

Antioch, Tennessee (near Nashville)
20-22 April, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)

  May you continue to be blessed, challenged, strengthened, and encouraged in your faithful service to the Lord. We give thanks for you, and your co-laboring with us.

In His precious love,

Bob Schneider
President, Biblical Counseling Foundation