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If you cannot attend Self-Confrontation Weekend Seminar 1B in person, and have previously completed a BCF-conducted Weekend Seminar 1A, you may sign up for the webinar for the 3-5 March weekend. The cost is $25.00 without materials. You need to have a Self-Confrontation manual in order to participate in the webinar. If you are missing them, please order as soon as possible.
If there are churches or groups who wish to attend together, please contact the BCF office.

NOTE: You Must complete your registration below AND, once directed to the shopping cart, add the course and complete checking out. Your registration will not be complete if you do not finish the checkout process.

Taught by BCF instructors, Weekend Seminar 1B is the second half of the Self-Confrontation course (Lessons 13-24 of the Self-Confrontation manual). The course will help you learn how the Bible is sufficient and applicable to everyday problems, both in your own life and for helping others. You will learn biblical principles for how to face, deal with, and endure any difficulty in the power of the Holy Spirit. Topics in Lessons 13-24 include:

  • Interpersonal problems
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Parent-Child relationship,
  • Fear, Worry, and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Life-Dominating practices of sin
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