Self-Confrontation Bible Study : Group Leaders
  Leader's Guide
for DVD Series

A “Leader’s Guide for the Self-Confrontation DVD Series” is available free with the purchase of the DVD set.  The DVD set sells for $250 retail or $200 if purchased directly from BCF.  A group leader should definitely have the Leader’s Guide prior to beginning the study.   The “Table of Contents” video excerpt (media page) gives you an idea of the content of the Self-Confrontation Manual. 

You can also view the introduction to the Student Workbook to get an idea of the workbook’s contents. 

The DVDs need to be used with the Bible and a Self-Confrontation manual.  So be sure to take that into account when you are ordering materials.  The DVD set can be shared with different groups in a church, but each person should have a Self-Confrontation manual and Student Workbook.  Couples can usually share a manual and workbook, but they may also want their own.  A special price is available for the
Self-Confrontation manual/Student Workbook “bundle.”  Click on "Materials" in the menu above to see pricing information and to order, or call BCF directly.   Should you have additional questions on the Self-Confrontation Bible Study, feel free to contact BCF by phone or e-mail. 

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