December Update
  22 December, 2016

Beloved co-laborers,

Loving Christmas greetings to you all. We trust and pray that this will be a very special time for you and yours to celebrate the magnificent gift of our Savior.

We at BCF have so many gifts to be thankful for, and one of the most prominent is the fact that we have all of you who pray for and support the ministry of BCF.

We want to update you about several things:

  • The Spanish Self-Confrontation manual, which has sold out completely, is in the process of re-printing. For those of you who have been waiting, you can order within two weeks, and we will mail them out as soon as we receive the manuals in the office.
  • The Indio, California course is being planned. Please register early, so we can make plans for space needed, etc. As a special alert, Level 4 is not taught very often, so if you have attended Levels 1 and 2, (Level 3 is not required for Level 4), you can attend Level 4. The details are listed at this link: If you need more information about the contents of each level, you can go to BCF’s website and look under Courses at the Course Contents. Or you can click on this link:
  • Both the Forgiveness and the Reconciliation YouTube Webinars are posted. Both webinars are about 2½ hours, and give much more teaching than we are able to do in an intensive course. We would greatly appreciate your comments so we can serve you even better. To watch the webinars, click on this link:

Thank you all for the loving prayers and giving support for the ministry of BCF. We look forward to deepening our fellowship with you. May you have a blessed time as you prepare for the Christmas season


  Did you know that if you shop on the Amazon website, you can sign on at, and choose BCF to receive a donation with every purchase you make? The donations will be sent directly from Amazon to us. Thank you ahead of time!

In the Lord's love,

Bob Schneider
President, Biblical Counseling Foundation