August Update:
Courses & New Language Printing
  16 August, 2013

Beloved Friends of BCF,

We trust you are having a blessed summer! Praise the Lord that He has given us all we need to live victoriously in the midst of trials. We were deeply touched by a recent testimony sent to us from someone attending a Self-Confrontation course in her local assembly. We are blessed to be able to give you this testimony at the end of this update, and we trust that your heart will also be lifted in praise and thanksgiving to our Lord because of His tender lovingkindness.

But first, we want to tell you about upcoming courses, and to share exciting news about new language printings.

  Upcoming Courses
The scheduled upcoming courses are listed below, based on location. You may register online, or contact us at the BCF administrative office

20-22 September, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1A
27-29 September, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1B,
23-27 September, 2013: Level 1 & Level 2

18-20 October, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1A
25-27 October, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1B
21-25 October, 2013: Level 1 & Level 2

INDIO, CALIFORNIA (near Palm Springs):
13-17 January, 2014: Level 1 & 3 
20-24 January, 2014: Level 2  & Teacher Training
  New Language Printing The Korean Self-Confrontation manual and Student Workbook are scheduled to be printed soon, as well as the Romanian Student Workbook and Living Victoriously booklet. People have begun ordering materials at print-run costs (which are more inexpensive than regular order costs).

"I am currently taking the Self Confrontation Course 1 with a group at my church.  It is fantastic! . . . .This course is helping me to navigate my Bible like I have wanted to for years. . . .

On a personal note, God has been using this course as a perfectly-timed source of comfort during what would have been a devastating time for my husband and I - losing our first baby.  Having been in the Word for nearly an hour daily prepared me with the truth about God that I needed to pray for his will and to find peace in the answer.  He is good. Thank you for providing this resource to help draw God's people into his Word!"

  I trust this information is valuable to you, to pray for us, and to plan your schedules for training. We give thanks for you, and your co-laboring with us.

In His precious love,

Bob Schneider
President, Biblical Counseling Foundation