August Update:
Self-Confrontation Weekly Course starting Sept. 27

31 August, 2012

Dear friends of BCF,

It is our joy to announce our first weekly Self-Confrontation course in our new facility at 42550 Aegean St. in North Indio, CA. We will meet on Thursdays beginning September 27, 2012, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The only charge for the course is $30, which covers the cost of materials - a Self-Confrontation manual and a Student Workbook.

The Self-Confrontation course is a lifeā€application Bible study about how Christians can be victorious in the daily battles and struggles of life. Its purpose is to help equip believers to face, deal with, and endure the tests and temptations of life, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Topics include:

  • Anger and bitterness
  • Interpersonal, marriage, and parent-child relationships
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Fear and worry
  • Depression
  • Life-dominating practices

Will you help us get the word out to those whom you minister? You can simply go on our facebook page and simply refer to our course by selecting “like” and sending the information to your contacts.

We would also like to provide you with posters to display as well as flyers to use as bulletin inserts or as handouts to friends and family.

For further information on BCF course or materials, you can also go on our website at:

In His love,

Bob Schneider


You may reach BCF at:
Biblical Counseling Foundation
42550 Aegean Street
Indio, CA 92203