July Update:
New Facebook Page, New Courses
  July 2012

Beloved Friends of BCF,

We trust you are having a blessed summer. For those of you in the East who lost electrical power after the storms, we want you to know we prayed for you.

In this update letter, we have some wonderful news for you.

  Facebook page

We now have a Facebook page. Visit us, and like us on Facebook!

If you log onto your Facebook page, just search for Biblical Counseling Foundation, or you can link directly here. When on our website, you can “like” or “recommend” our site, our materials, or our courses.

  Upcoming Courses The scheduled upcoming courses are listed below, based on location. You may register online, or contact us at the BCF administrative office.

04-08 February, 2013: Levels 1 and 2
08-10 February, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)

El Centro:
27-28 August, 2012: Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)

03-05 August, 2012: Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)
10-12 August, 2012: Seminar 1B (Self-Confrontation Lessons 13-24)

11-15 March, 2013: Levels 1 and 4
18-22 March, 2013: Levels 2 and Teacher Training

26-28 October, 2012: Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12) (English, Cantonese)
2-4 November, 2012: Seminar 1B (Self-Confrontation Lessons 13-24) (English, Cantonese)
29 October-2 November, 2012: Level 2 (English, Mandarin)

  May you continue to be strengthened and encouraged in your faithful service to the Lord. We give thanks for you, and your co-laboring with us. Remember to “Like” us on Facebook!

In His precious love,
Bob Schneider
President, Biblical Counseling Foundation