May Update:
Revised Self-Study Course, Materials, & Courses

May 2012

Beloved Friends of BCF,

We are continuing to praise the Lord for His gracious provision of the new BCF Headquarters building. Many thanks to those who have already donated. Here are some updates on our ministry:

  A Note on Materials


The revised SELF-STUDY COURSE IN BIBLICAL DISCIPLESHIP/COUNSELING is available soon as a PDF fillable computer file.

For those involved in discipleship/counseling, the SELF-STUDY COURSE is an exhaustive survey of topics and techniques used in the Old and New testaments. Sections include:
  1. Word Study
  2. Character Study. You select various characters from the Bible and determine their discipleship/counseling needs. You then examine the 4 elements for each character: Biblical understanding, Hope, Change, and Practice.
  3. Biblical Discipleship/Counseling principles. You analyze and identify biblical counseling principles found in Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and in a number of the prophetic books of the Old Testament.
  4. Development of your own reference materials for discipleship/couseling, study on Jesus' Discipleship/Counseling Method and Example, 

The goal is to develop an in-depth knowledge of Scripture, discipleship/counseling principles, as well as knowing practical discipleship/counseling methods used by Jesus.

Living Victoriously in the Battles of Life Bible study. We have received many encouraging testimonies about the results of using this study in local churches. The following testimony is from one of the pastors in a large church in South Carolina: “I have now had the opportunity to use Living Victoriously in two different settings – one-on-one and in a group setting. Both have received very favorable feedback. The information that is covered is first and foremost Biblical but it is also very practical.
“The participants I have worked with have responded so well. The major problem I have encountered is that the majority of participants are always asking, ‘What’s next?’ Of course, it is a great lead in to the Self Confrontation course.
“Another great aspect is that the information is so simple to comprehend, that the one being discipled can easily take what they have learned and disciple someone else.”

  Upcoming Courses Fairfax, Virginia
06-08 July, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)
09-13 July, 2012: Levels 1 and 3
13-15 July, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1B (Self-Confrontation Lessons 13-24)

Hemet, California
03-05 August, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)
10-13 August, 2012: Weekend Seminar 1B (Self-Confrontation Lessons 13-24)

El Centro, California
27-28 August, 2012: Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12

Phoenix, Arizona
04-08 February, 2013: Levels 1 and 2
08-10 February, 2013: Weekend Seminar 1A (Self-Confrontation Lessons 1-12)

Indio, California
11-15 March, 2013: Levels 1 and 4
18-22 March, 2013: Level 2 and Teacher Training
Please Note: You may attend Level 2 or Teacher Training the second week if you attend Level 1 the first week, or have previously attended a BCF-conducted Level 1.

  New Building Report The building is now totally functional as an office and warehouse, but in order to be able to conduct intensive courses, we will need to enlarge the kitchen and bathrooms. For this we will await the Lord’s provision of more funds.

  I trust this information is valuable to you. Please pray for us and plan your schedules for training. May you continue to be strengthened and encouraged in your faithful service to the Lord.

In His precious love,


Bob Schneider
President, Biblical Counseling Foundation